Ohio AFG Documents and Forms


Ohio Area Assembly Goals

1. Members will understand the purpose of the Assembly, relationships within the structure and be able to articulate Assembly decisions. 

2. The spiritual tone of the Assembly will prevail by the demonstration of mutual respect and acceptable conduct by its members.

3. Knowing that our Higher Power is present in the expression of our group conscience, Assembly members will presume goodwill.

Ohio Assembly

2017 Fall - Minutes
2017 Spring - Minutes
2016 Fall - Minutes
2016 Spring - Minutes
2015 Fall - Minutes
2015 Spring - Minutes
2014 Fall - Minutes
2014 Spring - Minutes
2013 Fall - Minutes
2013 Spring - Minutes
2012 Fall - Minutes
2012 Spring - Minutes
2012 Emergency - Minutes
2011 Fall - Minutes
2011 Spring - Minutes

Bylaws & Handbook

OAA Bylaws (pdf)
By-Laws of the Ohio Area Assembly for AFG. 
Handbook (pdf)
General and Committee Working Procedures for the OAA Meeting
Assembly Profile Sheet (pdf)

Action Committee Plan

Action Committee Plan (pdf)

KBDM (Knowledge Based Decision Making)

KBDM Description


AWSC Description

Area World Service Committee meetings may be called at the discretion of the Officers of the World Service Committee, as necessary.

Members of the AWSC are:
- Assembly Coordinators
- Liaison Members
- Convention Chairman
- Past Delegates
- DRs
- Area Officers
- Chairman of the Special Standing Committees

These members have a vote at AWSC meetings. 

AWSC Meetings

2017 Fall - Minutes
2017 Spring - Minutes
2016 Fall - Minutes
2016 Spring - Minutes
2015 Fall - Minutes
2015 Spring - Minutes
2014 Fall - Minutes
2014 Spring - Minutes
2013 Fall - Minutes
2013 Spring - Minutes
2012 Fall - Minutes
2012 Spring - Minutes
2011 Fall - Minutes
2011 Spring - Minutes

World Service Conference

World Service Conference Service Opportunities


The number of positions available annually is as follows:

3 at-Large Trustees
3 Regional Trustees (rotates depending on Region)
1 at-Large member, Executive Committee for Real Property Management
5 at-Large members, Forum Editorial Advisory Committee
5 at-Large members, Literature Committee
5 at-Large members, Public Outreach Committee
2 at-Large member, Audit Committee
This year (2017), we also have openings for a South Central Regional Trustee and a Northwest Regional Trustee to fill the remaining two years of a three-year term. Please see the descriptions below:

At Large Committee Members
Trustee - Al-Anon
ECRPM Member
If you would like a resume, please contact the Ohio Delegate at delegate@ohioal-anon.org.

To request a summary of the Word Service Conference, click here:
World Service Conference Summary Order Form

World Service Conference Delegate Reports

2017 Fall - Report
2017 Spring - Report
2016 Fall - Report
2016 Spring - Report
2015 Fall - Report
2015 Spring - Report
2014 Fall - Report
2014 Spring - Report
2013 Fall - Report
2013 Spring - Report
2012 Fall - Report
2012 Spring - Report
2011 Fall - Report
2011 Spring - Report
2010 Fall - Report
2010 Spring - Report
2009 Fall - Report
2009 Spring - Report
Opening Our Hearts - Presentation
Opening Our Hearts - Workshop

Al-A-Notes Newsletter

Online Issues

Summer 2017 - Issue
(Volume 41, Issue 2)
Spring 2017 - Issue
(Volume 41, Issue 1)
Fall 2016 - Issue
(Volume 40, Issue 3)
Summer 2016 - Issue
(Volume 40, Issue 2)
Winter/Spring 2016 - Issue
(Volume 40, Issue 1)
Fall 2015 - Issue
(Volume 39, Issue 3)
Summer 2015 - Issue
(Volume 39, Issue 2)
Winter/Spring 2015 - Issue
(Volume 39, Issue 1)


Every Registered group in Ohio will receive a free copy of
the Al-A-Notes at their current mailing address. Paid subscriptions are for individuals or for extra group copies. If you are not receiving a copy three times a year, check with Group Records or the Alternate Delegate. 

Ohio Al-A-Notes Subscription Form

Make all checks payable to AFG of Ohio and mail to:
Springfield, OH 45501-0054


Service Guidelines

Group Representative - Guide
District Representatives - Guide
Starting an Al-Anon Group - Guide
Beginners Meetings - Guide
Taking a Group Inventory - Guide
Suggested Programs for Meetings - Guide
Outreach to Professionals - Guide
Alateen Conferences - Guide
Open Al-Anon Meeting - Guide
Ordering Literature - Guide
Members interested in speaking - Guide
Alateen safety - Guide
Reserve Fund Guideline - Guide

Service Information

Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual
Links of Service - Brochure
Facts to Professionals
- English/French version
- English/Spanish version
Alcoholic, Their Families, and the Judicial System - Brochure
What happens after treatment - Brochure
Doubting Your Sanity - Brochure
Help for Employees
Living in a shelter - Brochure
Who are members of Al-Anon / Alateen
Anonymity and Public Relations
Seventh Tradition - Brochure
Joy of Service - Brochure


Public Outreach

WSO (World Service Office) Public Outreach Materials:
Public Service Announcements (PSA's) Media
Al-Anon/Alateen Press Releases 
Podcast - Website
Notice to Professionals
Media Interview Questions
For the Media

Other Documents

Expense Voucher Form
Group Registration Form
 - How to fill out the Group Registration Form - instructions
Forum Order Form
Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Contributions Form
Request Permission to Reprint Publications Outside Al-Anon Form
Request Permission to Reprint In Al-Anon publications & Use by Al-Anon Service Arms Form
Conference Approved Literature Order Form
Request for Permission to use Conference Approved Literature On-Line Form